8 of My Favourite Startup Posts


I’ve been running around the internets like above kitteh this week since we’re planning on looking for venture funding shortly.

Here are some wonderful resources for entrepreneurs going through the same journey.  Enjoy.

8 Favourite Startup Resources (Video and Blog Posts)

1. Lean Analytics for Startups (Video)

Alistair Croll, founding partner of Year One Labs, an incubator in [...]

Sick of Explaining Twitter for Business? Directions Here.


There have been a multitude of blog posts I’ve read on how to use twitter, but most are basic overviews.  The explanations I’ve explored do not help you understand how to develop a valid presence on the site.  I have seen many small business owners begin using twitter, lack understanding, and give up [...]

The Failed All-In-One Product- The One You're Building.


You’re taking over the world right?  You have a GREAT idea for a product.  You’re doing customer development.  This product can be used in so many different ways and across all these different segments and it’s so cool and 5 different types of businesses completely unrelated to each other can use it!  Cool.  Now how [...]