15 Minutes of Focus- Prioritizing



10 million things happen in startup. 10 million AND ONE to be exact.

Fucking hell.

Don’t get bogged down though.  Everything you do, you need to ask yourself- does this align with my daily, weekly, and monthly goals?  Where is my priority?

This applies to meetings, emails, action items, ANYTHING.

Prioritize.  Without priority, wheels keep spinning, and nothing gets done.

Don’t let yourself become the victim of NOTHING.

Sometimes looking at matrices helps so I’ve included one below.

priority matrix

Personal and career growth is all about asking yourself 2nd and 3rd level questions.  Make sure you’re focused on what’s important, not just what’s in front of you.  No one wants to drown in nothingness.

Just like anything, practicing awesomeness of prioritization is an exercise.  Make it a habit, and success is inevitable.

Enjoy your Friday, and have fun with a priority filled weekend. :)

PS another lovely outfit today.  I do look good in blue.


Tracy @ladyleet