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You don’t see the graduality of progress.  You wake up one day and the change happened overnight.

It’s as almost as if your subconscious climaxes at the very end and you’re blind to the small changes until that one moment.

But it’s the gradual progress that leads to the conclusion of success.

Conquer The Voice That Screams Failure And Get To Success


My dearest, dearest, dearest readers.

I know you’ve heard it before.  You are probably hearing it right now.  Some voice inside your head that is telling you why you aren’t going to succeed in *some* aspect of your life.

At the same time, I know there is a voice in there that is telling you why you [...]

Get To Success By Looking Like An Idiot.

I know you’ve done it before. I’m guilty of it myself. NOT wanting to look like an idiot and NOT taking that chance to speak up.

But, every time I’ve done that, I have lost the opportunity to get to success.

We are only successful if we TRY to be successful, not by [...]

Women in San Jose, stand up and join the #FEMPIRE

Let the #FEMPIRE mold the future of San Jose

I love meeting inspiring women.  I love it more when those inspiring meetings mold the future of a city.

About 40 women leaders of San Jose joined us for the first #FEMPIRE hour last Wednesday at Mezcal.

The level of collaboration, networking, and whisper of things to come made [...]

Summer Pitchin. Are you ready?


Summer is upon us.  Founders, is it your time to shine?  Join us Wed June 6th, 7pm.

Pitching is work, effort and a constant “work in progress”.  Pitchcrawl lets you practice and get practical feedback from investors.

Think of Pitchcrawl as speed dating for investors and founders- 3 minute elevator pitches 1on1.

Investors, get to know entrepreneurs on [...]

#FEMPIRE hour in Downtown SJ


It’s the year of the female, and it’s time to get together so we can be better, stronger, and more amazing.

I’m co-hosting #FEMPIRE hour with:

The women of the SJ Downtown Association

Sheila Dowd, Founder, Clever Girls Collective

Mary Matlack, Content Magazine

If you’re being invited, take it as a compliment.  You are one of the #FEMPIRE women driving [...]

Pitchcrawl 3.0- San Jose

Pitchcrawl 3.0 in Downtown San Jose March 20th

Ah, a lovely new year.  2012 is shaping up nicely.  And so is the awesome serendipity in the air.

If you’ve been to Pitchcrawl before or have heard of it, you know it’s a ton of fun and full of interesting and relevant people.

Here at Dishcrawl, our philosophy is [...]

Business in China and Passion as an Asian Female Entrepreneur


There is something comforting I’m feeling about doing business in China.  It’s exciting, but it also allows me to explore a dimension of my existence in a way I never have before.

I feel more connected to my roots, as is being pulled there because it was meant to be.  I just didn’t realize it was [...]

The Art of Awesome and Effective Twitter Use for Business


Hey there!  I wrote this for our Dishcrawl Ambassadors and wanted to share the love with the rest of the world.

So, let’s get down to business.  Twitter.  To get started with Twitter, go ahead and go here.  It’s a blog post I wrote awhile ago, but will give you a general idea of how to setup [...]

Pitchcrawl- Success, Failure, and Iteration

The Art of Investor Dating and Fail Points

Looking for investors is very similar to dating.  You run around in circles in hopes of finding the “one”.

Just like dating, it’s in your best interest to use your personal network to be introduced to the right people.  But, if you want to get more proactive about it, [...]